Tottori Declaration

 The 13th Annual International Comic Artist Conference was held amidst the abundant nature of Tottori Prefecture in Japan, under the theme of “Food and the Sea”.

Tottori Prefecture has actively promoted exchange relations with neighboring regions across the sea. Since Tottori is also a “Food Capital”, the prefecture was a suitable host for this year’s conference.

At the symposium, there were discussions about regional development through the use of comics and manga, while at the forum we broadened our understanding of the spread of manga culture across the sea and around the world. We explored comics and manga in relation to concepts such as “kizuna” (bond) and “trust”, and rediscovered the power and endless possibilities of manga in a wide variety of contexts.

“The ‘spirit’ and ‘way of living’ that is transmitted through comics and manga can strengthen mutual understanding across the sea.” With this belief in mind, in 1996 we comic and manga artists extended our cooperation beyond the sea, beyond the borders of our nations and regions, and established the International Comic Artist Conference.

Since then, 16 years have passed and 13 conferences on various topics related to comics and manga have taken place across East Asia.

The history of this conference is both a great achievement in manga culture and an important cultural asset. Our mutual friendship and support, as well as our trust and willingness to move forward will no doubt continue in the future as a solid “kizuna” bond.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to all the people who have supported this conference, both past and present.

Here today, we pledge together to continue to endeavor for the advancement of manga culture.

November 9th 2012