The 15th ICC in Taiwan

Period : Nov. 13, 2014 〜 Nov. 16
Place    : Kaohsiung, Taiwan
    The Pier-2 Art Center / 駁2芸術特区
   (Adress : 台湾高雄市塩埕区大勇路1号)
   Web site :
Conference hall

Participated countries/regions
: Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong,
  Macau, Malaysia, Finland

Time table

2nd day : Opening ceremony
    Cartoonist collaboration of each country
3rd day : International comic artists plaza
    Conference I
    【Theme】The present condition of digital creation of each area comics
    Conference II
    【Theme】The situation of the overseas promotion of each local comics
    Convention declaration and signature
    Closing ceremony

International comic artworks exhibition

Period : Nov. 15. 2014 〜 Dec. 7
※Nov. 14, Opening ceremony
Place    : The Pier-2 Art Center
(The same place conference hall.)

Exhibition catalog

link : ICC | The 15th ICC (A korean homepage)

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